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Fetish: Crushing

The world is up in arms over crush videos, so we've compiled some crushing and stomping resources for your edification. The first two links have actual pictures and videos of crushing small animals; view at your own risk, to say the least.

Insect Fetish Objects (academic paper)

Crush on You
They are having anti-animal crush video hearings on Capitol Hill, where hot-lipped legal expert Loretta Swit had her say:

"Only the most depraved minds can be getting off on this," Swit said. "There's nothing to learn except that it's OK to step on, torture, maim, mutilate and kill a living creature." Swit, representing several animal-protection groups, testified before lawmakers considering whether to make it illegal to sell animal crush videos. They want to eliminate the profit motive behind such titles as "The Tales of Charlie's Ankles" and "Rodents in Bondage."

Don't Step on Me
This animal crush video thing sure is getting nasty. Following this logic, though, they should outlaw mouse traps. A woman has been charged with stepping on some mice:

Prosecutors played a few minutes of the grisly videotape at Ms. Chaffin's preliminary hearing Thursday. It showed a woman in high-heeled sandals and other shoes taunting and then crushing mice. ``Come on, ask for it,'' the woman says. ``Try and get away. Come on, try and get away. I want you to,'' she adds before stepping on a rodent. Detectives say a dozen rats and mice, some of them babies, were killed in the video.